Convo Fold n Go mental health lid
best water bottle sports lid for mental health

The Convo Fold and Go Sports Lid (with a straw)

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The Convo Flip and Go Sports lid is the convenient and ideal lid to use in any occasion.

It is leak proof and screws easily into all Convo Ignite bottles which makes it easy to  drink from in active situations like at the gym or on a bike. It also comes with a straw.

The carry section comes with a comfy grip and the sipper is kept clean whilst closed and folded down.

This strong sipper removes any issues around chew marks and makes it incredible easy to keep clean (the lids are dishwasher safe).

Order yours with any of the bottles in our range to ensure you can IGNITE those conversations on the go.

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Prioritise Your Mental Health at Work!

Remember to take your breaks and stop grinding away 24/7.

Get away from your workspace regularly, limit your screen time as much as possible, aim to get outside, stretch or go for a walk and keep igniting those life saving conversations with your colleagues.

Work is not your life, you work to live!

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