the original igniter mental health water bottle
the original igniter mental wellbeing water bottles

The 'Original Igniter' 600ml Wellness Bottle

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Our flagship bottle was the very first mental health product we designed, with a goal to create products that employees can use and take anywhere which promote mental health awareness and wellness tips.

We are now dedicated to IGNITING more life changing conversation in workplaces across the globe and the 'Original Igniter' 600ml environmentally friendly premium stainless steel water bottle is the perfect place to start. 

The 'Original Igniter' bottle is nicely vacuum insulated to keep your cold drinks cooler (up to 24 hours), and your hot drinks warmer (up to 8 hours).

It comes with a stylish screw in bamboo lid and convenient ring holder or you can purchase a practical sports lid so you can carry it anywhere and spark up those important convo's! It's also BPA and toxin free and our bottles and packaging are 100% recyclable...Let's stop single use plastics!

Every direct purchase you make we guarantee to donate 10% of the sale price towards either GROW mental wellbeing programs in Australia or to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in the USA.

convo ignite and grow mental health charity australiaconvo ignite and suicide prevention in america

Together, we can encourage employees to ignite more conversations and create more awareness across the Globe about employee wellness and mental health.

Don't forget to order a 'Convo Fold and Go' sports lid and straw for added convenience.

Created with wellness in mind in Queensland, Australia.

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Prioritise Your Mental Health at Work!

Remember to take your breaks and stop grinding away 24/7.

Get away from your workspace regularly, limit your screen time as much as possible, aim to get outside, stretch or go for a walk and keep igniting those life saving conversations with your colleagues.

Work is not your life, you work to live!

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