mental illness water bottles for staffmental illness water bottles for staff

Take a fresh view
on mental health
in your workplace

Ignite a conversation at work today

Our eco-friendly water bottles promote workplace mental health and donate to mental wellbeing programs

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Bottles designed to IGNITE life saving conversations at work

best mental health water bottles

Congratulations, 15% of every purchase you make is donated towards GROW mental wellbeing programs.

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The'Convo Fold and Go' Sports Lid

available with any CONVO ignite bottle

What are Convo Ignite all about?

mental health water bottles for employees

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mental wellbeing water bottles for staff

Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing is Important

Work, including working conditions, is one of the key social determinants of mental health.

Lost productivity resulting from depression and anxiety is estimated to cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year.